My Story

Photography sparked my interest when I received a camera as a gift from my dad at the age of 18. It began as a hobby, but a few years later I took a job at Ciro's, a well-known studio in Boston specializing in high-end wedding photography. It was here that my mentor recognized my potential and encouraged me to pursue photography as a career. I became passionate about the art, dedicating numerous hours to learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest products.

After relocating to Florida, I continued to pursue my passion for photography as a manager at JCPenney Portrait. In this role, I had the opportunity to mentor and teach my employees, which was incredibly rewarding. While I continue to work as a photographer, I also cherish my roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother. My hobbies now include baking, cooking, and party planning – occasions where I can capture memories through my photography.

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